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5 Reasons NOT to Build a Swimming Pool

Yes, you read that right; we are giving you 5 reasons NOT to build a swimming pool in your back yard. Of course having a private oasis at your disposal sounds wonderful, but once you read these 5 facts, any idea you had about building your private pool will be far from your mind!

1. Your friends will love you, too much

Seriously, as soon as your pool is filled with water, you can forget any concept of privacy. Expect your friends randomly dropping by in their bathing suits, phone calls asking if they can bring their nieces and nephews over, and people always wanting to BBQ in your backyard. It will be EXHAUSTING and will put you at risk of being far too social and having fun.

2. Your chances of maintaining a nice tan will increase significantly

If you have your own swimming pool, chances are you will spend more time outside during the summer than if you didn’t have one. Spending extra time outside puts you at an increased chance for getting tan, or even worse, tan lines. Of course you can wear clothes while swimming to prevent this, but let’s be real, with a pool in your backyard; you will probably be far too excited to put all your clothes on. You really will be much better off not building a swimming pool at all.

3. Incidental Exercise

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise there is. While this is a good thing, having a pool in your backyard will most definitely lead to an over kill. Pool owners run the risk of accidentally spending too much time swimming in their pool, and therefore burning way more calories than they intended. This could be detrimental to one’s health.

4. You run the risk of being too happy

Ok, being happy is good, we can all agree on that; however balance is also very important. With all of the exercise and vitamin D you will be getting, you will probably begin to feel extremely happy, too happy actually. Your friends and family will probably start to be annoyed by your excessive happiness, and you really won’t have enough time to feel unhappy. It’s just not worth it.

5. You might turn into a fish

Studies show that people who spend too much time in water begin to display fish like characteristics. When you have your own pool, it can be extremely difficult to monitor how much time you are spending in the water. It is possible that after prolonged exposure, scales may begin to form. Unfortunately, once symptoms surface, there is nothing that can be done to reverse them.


Overall, the consequences of having your own pool just aren’t worth it. We highly encourage you to think twice before deciding to build one.