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The Monthly Costs of Owning a Pool

While building a swimming pool is a huge investment in itself, many people wonder about the ongoing costs they will incur once the pool has been installed. To help potential pool owners have a better idea of what ongoing costs they will incur, we created a basic breakdown of the monthly expenses associated with having a swimming pool. Here they are:

  • Electricity: For factors such as pumps, filters, lights, etc., you can anticipate spending around $1-2 daily. This will probably be higher during the summer months when you are using the pool more frequently, and less during the colder months.
  • Chemicals: During the summer, you can expect to spend around $40-50 monthly on pool chemicals. The winter months will be a bit less expensive, averaging around $20-30. While the winter months require less chemical use due to less pool use, it is also attributed to the fact that cold water does not facilitate algae growth as well as warm water.
  • Water Maintenance: You can expect to spend about $10 monthly to maintain the water levels in your pool. When temperatures are high, you can expect to see as much evaporation as ΒΌ in. per day.
  • Heating: If you use a heater on your pool, you will probably keep the water temperature at an average of about 72 degrees. Maintaining this temperature year round can cost anywhere from $200-300 a month. When the heater is not being used, you can expect the pool temperature to cool anywhere from 9-10 degrees daily.