Equipment We Use

Blankenship Pools, Inc. uses top of the line equipment on every pool built, regardless of size or shape.

Jet-Vac Pool Cleaners

For a simple, efficient cleaner with power to spare, count on Jet-Vac®. Powered by a low cost, energy-efficient booster pump (sold separately), it provides optimum vacuuming power while surface skimmers work uninterrupted at full capacity.


Clean and Clear Filters

Clean & Clear® Filters feature a chemical resistant tank with no-tool servicing and a core-less cartridge for easier cleaning. All models are equipped with easy spin-on unions for plumbing hook-ups.

Pool and Spa Heaters

The MiniMax® 75 is a compact, lightweight and efficient gas fired high performance aboveground pool and spa heater. It can be connected to schedule 40 CPVC or ABS pipe and has a built-in top. Reliable direct spark ignition (DSI) system is available in a gas version.


SAm Spectrum Amerlite Automated Pool Lights

SAm® and SAL® color-changing pool and spa lights produce brilliant underwater color lighting effects that transform your pool or spa into a luminous nighttime wonder. SAm is the f first, brightest, and world’s number one choice for automated color-changing swimming pool lighting, while SAL is a compact package that creates the same dramatic, spectrum-wide color effects in spas

SAL Spectrum AquaLight Automated Spa Lights

SAL® Spectrum AquaLight produces the same revolutionary 7-color spectrum as our SAm light, but it comes in a compact package. Especially designed for spas, SAL provides breathtaking color at the flip of a switch just like SAm. If you have a pool/spa combination, you’ll be glad to know that SAL easily synchronizes with SAm and PG 2000 FreedomSync models to provide a uniform display of ever-changing aquatic color.


WhispherFlo High Performance Pumps

This innovative hydraulic design moves water more efficiently and more quietly than competitive pumps. Under typical operating conditions, WhisperFlo® High Performance Pump offers the highest water flow of any high performance single- or two-speed pump–yet with the lowest electrical consumption. Built to last a lifetime, and as a result, the industry’s top seller for years

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