A Special Touch - Water Features


Imagine the peace and serenity you feel as you listen to the gentle sound of water slowly cascading across the rocks. With our beautifully designed waterfalls you could have that tranquil feeling anytime that you want.

A waterfall can be built as extensive or as small as you would like

Raised Spas

A raised spa is an added addition to any pool. It sits adjacent to and above the pool, featuring a spillway of water into your pool.

Large Play Shelf

A large Play Shelf is an addition to any pool. It utilizes the shallow end in an amazing way. You can add umbrella holders for shade or a water fountain for effect. They are used for the enjoyment of adults as well as small children getting used to the pool.

The average play shelf is about 18” deep.

Additional Features

We also offer several other features such as slides, jump rocks and sheer descents to give you the unique design you desire.